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Our Roasted Sweet Pepper Pinwheel Recipe is the perfect addition to your party spread. Simple enough for those less experienced in the kitchen - Enough flavor & pizzazz to impress your party guests ( & maybe even your In-Laws! ). 

Try adding your own spin to it by swapping the Ham & Roast Beef for Turkey or Chicken. 

Or use our Country Bacon Dip Mix in the cream cheese mix, then layer with Ham & Shredded Cheese for a quick breakfast your kids will love. 


No matter your style or taste, you simply cannot go wrong with this recipe! 


Click HERE for a free printable version of this recipe.  

Roasted Sweet Pepper Pinweels
Black Bean Burger Recipe

A Vegan Friendly option, our Black Bean Burger recipe is nothing short of delicious! 


Quick & easy for those nights that you're short on time & want to avoid the drive-thru. 


Get creative by substituting our Lime Cilantro dip mix for another of our 22 delicious options, like Jalapeno or Vegetable Supreme! 


**Just an F.Y.I for our customers with more of a carnivorous appetite, our Lime Cilantro dip tastes just as amazing on Beef! 


Click HERE for a free printable version of this recipe.  

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Wildfire Chili Beans

We literally don't know even one person who doesn't love this Chili! 

We recommend trying to use Fresh, Organic ingredients for the best result.

Swap the Lean Beef for nearly any other meat or poultry; They all taste amazing in this Chili recipe! 

If you're looking for a little more spice, add an extra tablespoon of our Wildfire Critter Seasoning. For less heat, dial it down to 1 tablespoon. 

Note: Our Wildfire Critter Seasoning contains Ghost Pepper. 

Click HERE for a free printable version of this recipe.

More Delightful Recipes Coming Soon!

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